What is 123GoPublish?

Click here for Parts 1 & 2 of our PowerPoint Presentation (password required for Part 2 included at link) or click here for our full report (password required included at link). Contact us for the passwords: 123GoPublish(at)GMAIL(dot)COM

123GoPublish is a revolutionary bundle of solutions to ongoing frustrations in the scientific publication process.

123GoPublish is out-of-the-box thinking by a veteran from the forefront of the modern technological scientific publication business.

123GoPublish provides a one-stop solution for:


  • ever wonder why it takes so long to publish your time sensitive research?
  • tired of tailoring your manuscript to please each different publishing house?
  • looking for way to increase readership & revenue while decreasing time, costs, and errors?


  • frustrated by the overwhelming amount of data to sort through?

123GoPublish can be explained in simplest terms as a combination portal/hub and scientific social tool.

It is based on current and “1-step-removed” technology, and is designed to “meet the needs” of all three main stakeholders – satisfying motivations by shifting tasks to maximize each stakeholder’s return & further their respective goals.

123GoPublish will also raise money for the scientific community as a whole through a combination of percentage donation, revenue generation, and scientific social networking.